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AnaConDa GmbH > Produkte > Hewlett-Packard GC HP6890

MSD HP Agilent 5973A und 5973N

The HP 5973 MSD is a stand-alone capillary GC detector. The HP 5973 Mass Selective Detector (MSD) is designed for use with the HP 6890 Series Gas Chromatograph. The MSD features:

  • • Either a 90 L/sec vapor-diffusion or a 250 L/sec turbomolecular high vacuum pump

• Rotary vane foreline pump
• Independently heated electron-ionization ion source
• Independently heated hyperbolic quadrupole mass filter
• High-energy dynode (HED) electron multiplier detector
• Independently heated GC/MSD interface
• Power supplies and instrument control electronics
Operator control of the MSD is through the data system The data system features Hewlett-Packard MSD ChemStation software. It includes programs to calibrate (tune) the MSD, acquire data, and analyze data. Tuning programs adjust voltages in the ion source, calibrate mass assignments, and control the scanning of the analyzer.
Data acquisition programs allow you to monitor the total ion chromatogram (TIC), automatically storing the mass spectra of GC peaks as they elute. This is the scan mode. Alternatively, you can monitor the concentrations of particular ions. This is selected ion monitoring mode (SIM). Data analysis programs allow you to integrate chromatograms (TIC or SIM), view and manipulate mass spectral data, compare spectra to databases of reference spectra in a library search, quantitate data, and generate reports.